Annual Neighborhood Directory

Each year, we publish an Annual Neighborhood Directory, which contains lots of great information. Copies of this directory get distributed to all members of the Homeowners Association. Not only do we include a list residents by address, but we also include a list that appears in name sequence. And then there is the popular "services offered by kids," which includes babysitting, pet sitting, house sitting, and lawn mowing... and lots more. Here is a quick recap of the types of information contained in the Annual Directory:

Contents of the Annual Directory

  • List of schools in the neighborhood
  • Leadership report, identifying the Board of Directors members, Zone Directors, Contacts for the various activities, and Block Captain list
  • Services offered by children (appears in Street sequence as well as in Name sequence)
  • List of residents (in Name sequence as well as in Street sequence)
  • List of neighborhood Interests and Activities; includes contact information for each of the residents who expressed interest in these items. This allows residents with similar interests to easily contact others with similar interests.
  • The Emergency Early Warning System is explained. Each week a test is performed by the City of Plano. Details are included which identify the various types of sirens, and what to do when you hear a warning siren.
  • Information is also contained regarding:
    • Our Crime Watch program
    • What to do if you become a victim of Identity Theft
    • The Plano Recycling program
    • How to stop unwanted door-to-door Solicitations
  • The very popular list of Recommended Service Providers (similar to Angie's List, but includes only local providers)
  • Advertisements ... if you are interested in running an ad in either our newsletters or Annual Directory, please fill in the CONTACT US form that appears on our website. Cost ranges from $20 for a business card size ad, up to $160 for a full-page ad.
  • City of Plano Convenience Directory ... lets you know which number to call when you need to contact the City of Plano
  • Street map of our neighborhood